Metta aims to help individuals, families and organizations on their journey to become healthier and happier by discovering their potential. You can choose from thousands of content on Metta for fun, relaxation or learning.
First of all, congratulations on this first step you took to increase your well-being! If you came to Metta to explore awareness, we recommend that you try the contents under the “Getting Started” tag. You can listen to the recommended content according to your needs and interests whenever you want. You can create your own collection by exploring different themes and areas with daily recommendations.
You can install the Metta App on all Android and iOS (Apple) mobile devices through the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.
You can try Metta free for 7 days. During the trial period of seven days, no payment will be charged from your card, you can start your subscription at the end of the seven days.
You can download the content and selecting the image with the cloud and arrow. You can also bookmark the content you like and download it later.
You can find many content for your needs in Metta. In the sleep section, ingredients that will make it easier for you to fall asleep and increase your sleep quality are offered by specifying their duration. Using the “How do you feel?” option, you can experience content suggestions suitable for your mood. You can use tags to make it easier for you to choose the content you need. You can also discover different content by following the daily recommendations.
If you have content you want to share with our audience, it is enough to fill out the publisher form on the App and on our website, and share your current email address on the form. We will reach you as soon as possible and share the necessary information and directions.
The content sent by our publishers for publication in Metta is listened to by our team of editors and experienced experts. In line with our respect for diversity, we take care to publish all technically sufficient content that does not contain discrimination or insult.
No. Mobile devices, computers and recording devices that can record in a quiet environment and preserving the naturalness of your voice are sufficient.
You earn Metta Coins according to the listening time of your content and the advertising revenues published on your content.
As long as your content is published on Metta, you will continue to earn money.
Depending on your expertise and interests, you can produce content in any category you want.
Yes. Your content will be unpublished within 1 month following your request.
Yes. Your content can be broadcast on both Metta and other platforms.
You can select and voice the content that interests you from the Metta Content Library.
It all depends on your content. The world average for podcasts is 35 minutes, but 20-minute podcasts are also quite a lot. The books take a few hours, but if you want, you can do 20-30 minute readings in chapters and publish them that way. It is said that 8-12 minutes is ideal in the stories, but there are also 3-minute children's stories. You can split long content and turn it into series.
In Metta, the audience chooses the closest sound from a very different pool of sounds, and it can be you.
Quiet environment and microphone! You can record with the microphone of your phone/headset or with various microphone equipment. If you feel the need to breathe and take a break while recording, you can pause the recording and continue. You can divide long contents into series by recording shorter sessions.
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