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Metta for Companies
While audio content has become a billion-dollar market all over the world, you can conquer the hearts of your target audience and increase the value of your brand with organic content. You can publish your own content and the content we will develop for you, on your profile in Metta, to the audience of your choice. You can make your voice heard to all Metta listeners by sponsoring the most listened content.
Metta for Partner Platforms
Metta users love to earn Metta coins and spend their earned Metta Coins on partner platforms! Join our business partners, let's create mutual value. Let's make our users' lives easier and let's be a pioneer with our collaborations in the rapidly developing blockchain universe.
Metta for Sustainable Social Impact
Respect for differences and equality come first among Metta's values. Our biggest goal is to be an intermediary for everyone to have their voice heard. We are proud and happy to support social enterprise and responsibility projects that need support, want to increase their awareness and generate a sustainable income.
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