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What would you like to tell the Metta listener?

Story, podcast, book, fairy tale, education, meditation, instrumental music… Decide how to make your voice heard and take action!

A podcast or training series where you talk about your expertise or interests, stories or fairy tales that come to life with your voice, breathing or meditation practices where you guide the listener. You can voice whatever you want and make your voice heard to the world with Metta.

You can enable the audience to benefit from your experience, perspective, and creativity, and open up to different worlds with your voice.

Don't stop, share!

Create a passive income source for yourself, and allow the audience to develop, have fun and learn with your voice.

All you have to do is fill out the publisher form, decide on the content and record the sound in a quiet environment!

$Metta Coin

Creating an economic model based on content consumption and production, Metta Coin offers a more independent economy to all stakeholders with the power of blockchain technology.

Metta Coin uses the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure. It also collaborates with Ethereum.

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Binance Smart Chain
How can I earn $Metta Coin as a publisher?
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